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An alternative film event in the city of Edinburgh
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Working with a wide range of filmmakers to create alternative open spaces of sharing media know how and experimenting with technique.
Issues raised by the poems, films, method or materials used generate discussion.
If you'd like to curate the mosaic of materials collected from these engagements to find your own answers - get in touch!

this collection

investigates the state of cultural democracy through film vignettes of found poetry, conversations and workshops.



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This Collection is a collection of film or performance adaptations inspired by poems based on postcodes in the city of Edinburgh. Developed by those who love the city, but who because of impossible real estate prices or 2-3 jobs that require extensive commuting  have had to leave her, the project aims to capture an impressionist portrait of life in the city, with all its foibles and issues, through the media of poetry and film. The city continues to attract new talent and wandering artists who we hope will carry on the conversation and host events that encourage reunions.

Started in 2008, This Collection’s has always been unfunded, DIY, non-hierarchical and open to the slings of arrows of outrageous fortune and in proposing such an ethos, has come to realise how problematic some of these methods are for creatives of all walks of life – through the practice and each engagement we seek to find a better way of working, a struggle to fight for democratic access and collective sharing of resources for creative and cultural practice for all. Our efforts big and small force us to reassess the aspirational culture that celebrates the individual genius without acknowledging the collective effort needed in creating all works of art.  See our Friends for other ongoing initiatives in the city and take part in the conversation.

Poems in postcodes
This Collection is a gathering of 100 poems by writers who have spent time in the city, each poem no more than 100 words long. Submissions come from school children to experienced poets alike. We hope the Maps and Vignettes collected so far will inspire you to meditate on the city’s inner life. See our blog of new articles on how to engage the city via these films and poems, the Wiki and maps welcome new poems based on your reflections and wanderings. Contact us for collaborator access.

Film poem Submissions
This Collection continues to welcome filmmakers, sound designers, animators who will like to develop short films (no more than 5 mins long) based on any of the poems collected. If you would like to make a film but have no prior experience, look out for pop up filmmaking workshops in the area or visit our friends’ page for resources to help you along. We are not fussy on film formats as long as you can upload it to youtube(link) or vimeo(link), we accept anything from basic mobile phone formats to high end crispy kit are welcome.

Join our facebook page for updates. If you’d like to request a workshop post it on our wiki(link) and if enough of a group forms a filmmaker may get in touch to mentor or facilitate your development. Upload your films on youtube or vimeo online and send us a link in the contact page so we can post it here and tell the community about it.

We then also look for curators to showcase the mosaic of poems and the films together to raise questions of community public art, or the state of cultural democracy today. Curation can happen both online and at events across the city. Previous showcases have been held in McEwan HallForest CafeBanshee Labyrinth, and as part of Utter, in the Old Roxy as part of Hidden Door’s Hidden CinemaTollcross Community Center, Speed Dating @ Scottish Poetry Library, Glasgow’s Glue Factory, and Out of the Blue Drill Hall. For more information visit our Blog and Wiki on how to access a curator pack.

We hope this website offers you a road map of how to start your own collection in your city.


Film Poetry and Authenticity

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Interview with “Under Light and Shadow” Curators

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Under Light & Shadow

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Property & Theft 25th March



‘A Map of Me’ Workshop

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Anarchic Street Weaves

Collective endeavours

McEwan Hall showcase: THANKS!

McEwan hall showcase finale

Day One: McEwan Hall showcase

FREE March McEwan Hall showcase!

Filmmakers! Come and join this collection!

FREE all-day filmmaking workshops!

Our 100 poems


Dave Coates
Anna Dickie
Morgan Downie
Aiko Harman
Mairi Campbell Jack
Russell Jones
Vivien Jones
Chris Lindores
Rob Mackenzie
Jim Murdoch
Andrew Philip
JL Williams
Juliet Wilson
Lewis Bennett Filmmaker of “Lonely City”
Oliver Benton Filmmaker of “Tollcross” and “John Knox’s Grave”
FilmPoem by Alastair Cook,artist and architect, Alastair produced the the earlier film poems in This Collection and has since developed his craft as a poet and filmmaker in this genre. Be inspired by the visual poetry, simple, economic and evocative soundtracks he uses.
Fiona Grieg is a local freelance radio/podcast producer
Low Def Mad about these gems and Paul’s ethos about lo-fi filmmaking!
Lucas Kao multi-talented, industrious, connected producer, filmmaker of “A Lifetime”
Moving Poems curates film poems from the web and has featured This Collection several times: 1 2
Vimeo Video School
Weaving the City
Inky Fingers offers an open space to get into Poetry, Open mic nights, house parties, Rachel and Harry are always up to something get involved!
Scottish Poetry Library, a great place to start if you are new to poetry, contributors to the packet have poems in This Collection.


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